Monday, 31 October 2016


Shining a light on laser...

Since I started my first job after graduating from Nottingham Trent, I have had a lot of responsibilities and faced a lot of challenges. I got a job as a Marketing Assistant at Strip Wax Bar, assisting the Marketing Director. My roles involves a range of admin tasks as well as creative projects, which I am extremely happy about as I get to continue my love for visual art.

My most recent project was to create, design and make a campaign for Strip's laser treatments. I was responsible for the whole project from start to finish and was able to work through the whole process - from concept to execution. The concept 'Shining a light on laser' came from the idea that we needed to let everyone know about these new, exciting treatments Strip had to offer. As no body knew about them and there was no real push of marketing before hand, they knew they had to boost this idea and 'shine a light on it'  to make it known to clients. This is where the light concept cam from.

As a visual creative at university, I really got to know my true artistic style. I grew to love collage and abstract art. I am a huge fan of Luca Mainini - a collage and GIF artists who has previously collaborated with TOPSHOP and Arthur Arbesser. Like any other artist I did my hourly trawls through Pinterest, books and instagram for visual inspiration but every other laser ad I came across looked scarily clinical and just reminded me of being at the hospital - they all screamed pain. I decided to go for a completely different outlook on this and go for an abstract design. I knew the concept was about shining a light and the laser treatments are for your body, so why not put the two together? After hours of scribbling in my sketch book and creating graphic mock ups I finally got to the finished outcome. I am extremely lucky to say my first advertisement has been published in magazines such as The Resident, Tatler, Mayfair life, Absolutely magazine and several more. Proud is an understatement!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Brit lost in Melbourne: Becoming a true Melbournian

Hello all! I have been living in Melbourne for just over 2 months now and have gotten to know the city pretty well. As a Brit, Australians culture has felt alot like home, however, I am still getting used to a few things that Ozzies do - Vegemite for Breakfast?.. vom.

I'd like to think i'm pretty much an expert (maybe not) now i've lived in Melbourne for a while so here are a few things you know when you've lived in Melbourne for long enough:

1.       Have a strong love for coffee. If you can’t find a decent cup of coffee within 3km this is the sign for panic
2.       You think AFL Grand Final day is better than Christmas
3.       You’ve used sunglasses, winter coats, sunscreen and thongs (flip-flops for you Brit readers) all in one day
4.       You’ve been to Revolver and tried to brave through until the end – you failed.
5.       You wear turtle necks
6.       You don’t look twice when big balls of fire are bursting into the sky at Southbank
7.       You’ve nearly been run over by drivers performing a hook turn
8.       You over use the phrase “No worries” and “How you going?”
9.       80% of your wardrobe is black
10.   Know your way round Melbourne better than the taxi drivers
11.   You’ve had the idea to go to St Kilda beach but as soon as you get off the tram it’s raining
12.   You turn a blind eye to street performers
13.   You will literally have to run from charity workers/leaflet distributors
14.   You know there has to be a better system than myki
15.   You know South Melbourne Market means only one thing: giant chicken dim sims.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Brit lost in Melbourne: What i've learnt by traveling solo

A couple of years ago today I remember waving my twin sister goodbye as she went off for her travels round Thailand. She was 18 and flying to a country she had never been to before, all by herself. People asked “Why aren’t you going with her?”,  “Don’t’ you want to go?” and in all honesty this seemed like my idea of hell. I was envious of her confidence and her drive to push self boundaries to get out of her comfort zone – this was a skill I lacked and I hated myself for it.

Something had to change; I needed a shift in my life. I was tired of the monotony and the cycle of old patterns.

I was tired of coming across as shy and nervous. I’m none of these things, I’m an introvert. I have aspirations and dreams too but I struggle to push myself. I class myself as an introvert with outgoing qualities.

I needed a new beginning. It was as if I had outgrown my skin and suddenly had this overpowering feeling of confidence in myself.

I recently moved over to Melbourne on my own. When I informed my friends and family they were nothing but pleased and excited for me, their positive energy took all my anxious feelings away which I am grateful for. For them, flying on my own, finding my own bearings in a new city and meeting/traveling with new people is something they never saw coming – I’m the person who struggles to order a takeaway on the phone as I’m worried I won’t be able to understand them and make a fool out of myself. Moving away and traveling on my own has been one of the most rewarding experiences and here's what I've learnt so far:

Conversation isn’t dead

Meeting new people can be daunting and naturally we are drawn to a comfort spot; our phones, which in reality is slightly embarrassing. I've learnt to leave my UK life in the UK and embrace my new own in Australia. It's so easy to be distracted by things that are going on at home. Put your f*cking phone away. Enough said.

Comfort isn’t everything

When you travel, you’ll most likely have some peculiar nights in strange places, where the beds are questionable, the scents are foreign or you end up spooning with 29 cockroaches when you wish it was your significant  other.

That will sometimes leave you feeling lost and alone.
But, in my experience, once you let yourself go for the first time there’s no better feeling than coming back to your previous comfort zone with new eyes and a more refined appreciation for it. You may even find you’ve grown out of it.

You become more independent

I've become independent; I've learnt how to use a map, navigate the different cities’ public transportation, and I have to pay better attention to my surroundings.
There is such a satisfying feeling of accomplishment that comes along with being able to navigate a new and foreign place, especially when you do it alone.

 You become more observant

Normally, on trips, you spend a lot of time talking with your travel companions; whether it is a friend/family member or significant other and you put your attention on them. I am always putting people before me and I love to see people happy, meaning I put their ideas forward before my own, even if it’s something I would prefer not to do. On your own you don’t have an interference of others; all of your focus is on your surroundings, as it should be.
Wonderful things happen when you are free from distractions; you see things you might have missed before, you can take things at your own pace or you meet new people.
You are free to take this new place in with all of your senses. When you travel alone, it might be the first time you’re seeing the world and actually seeing it.

People are generally good.

The world is, at times, a sh*tty place, and humans appear to suck more often than they don’t.

One thing you’ll learn when you step outside of your comfort zone, is that for the most part, society is a refreshingly classy act and being alone should not be seen as jeopardy. I recently pushed my comfort zone and traveled with people who I had never met before. At first it was daunting and I was nervous but I had the most amazing time and loved every second!

Treat Yourself

Your 20s are a time of frugality and like me, most of us are students. You probably don’t have a real job; more than likely, your refrigerator is broken, you have mice in your crappy little studio room (I do) and your rent is getting to be a little too much. You might have to live like this in your everyday life, but you should treat your trip alone like the celebratory event that it is!
Splurge on a fancy (or by fancy I mean something other than student budget hostel, we’re not millionaires just yet) hotel. Treat yourself to a luxurious dinner; order an alcoholic drink instead of water; try to make it like the vacation you deserve.

Luckily, there is no one there with you to say, “This restaurant looks too expensive,” or “maybe we should spend this on other things”. What I’ve learnt is too not live in a massive black hole of money worries. In the past it has caused me a lot of unneeded stress – if it makes you happy then bloody go for it! Happiness is not eating rice and soup for 6 months and watching your flatmates go out for an amazing yet cheap dinner – I have learnt this. You have the rest of your life to worry about finances, be selfish when you can!

I'm sure we've all heard those typical, (yet true) travel cliches about how we've find ourselves or enjoyed embracing the unknown so I've concluded on what I think travel is to me. 

Travel is the butterflies in my stomach from the mix of nervousness and excitement that I feel while passing through the airport gate about the head to the other side of the world, embarking on the unknown. 
Travel is about meeting new people. Introducing myself to a guy in the Heathrow airport because he was wearing a hoodie with a logo from a university in my home town – just because I was sh*t scared about getting on a flight on my own
Travel is making new friends from Australia and finding myself saying the Australian lingo way too often. 
Travel is the culture shock I experience as I arrive to the overwhelming heat of Bangkok and experience the dusty, dirt roads in my first tuk-tuk ride. Travel is seeing the locals ride their mopeds with 5 children hanging off the back, with no helmets!
Travel is visiting the local village where these children live only to be stunned and heartbroken by the conditions — the piles of trash and the walls of their homes are made from debris and old doors.
Travel is eating fried insects from a street stall and realizing they’re not so bad.
Travel is riding in a taxi in Marrakesh and fearing for my life when I realize there are no lines or lanes on the roads and traffic goes in both directions.
Travel is just being in the moment.  Travel is a transition. Travel is a doorway to a new beginning.
Georgia x
(Me on top of a sand dune in Mungo National Park - for more pictures check out my instagram @georgiiasheehan) 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why being in a long distance relationship isn't all that bad.

When people who don't know me learn about my boyfriend, they usually respond the same; with shock, confusion and a laundry list of questions. No, I’m not dating an ex-con and no, he’s not made up.

I’m simply just in a long distance relationship.

And when I say long I mean really, really long – like London Heathrow to Singapore Changi and 6,000 miles long. Although now I’ve moved to Australia things have gotten a little better.

I just turned 19 when it happened. After a year and a half together, my boyfriend got a university place in Singapore and I still was at university so had no chance of going with him. Before this our relationship was still long distance but we were in the same country and I knew this was going to be a lot different from what we were used to.
It was a great opportunity for him, and naturally I was happy for him yet deep down I knew things were going to change drastically.

No, it’s not perfect, and sometimes it gets really f*cking difficult, but I don’t regret a day of it and here’s why.
You learn how to enjoy being alone

Although I might be on my own, I’m never actually alone. Sure, my boyfriend can’t physically comfort me or take me out on dates, but he’s never more than a quick message  away – that’s if we both have wifi!
While I value my time alone, I’ve never been more grateful for my boyfriend’s virtual presence; he’s my safety net and my rock after a hard day.
He and I both have more time for me time. In the last few months of our relationship and my move to Australia, I’ve learnt that I love to travel alone, I am an introvert with outgoing qualities and learning to define my own success is one of my biggest accomplishments.
It has taught me to depend on myself and to enjoy solitude.
You communicate better

Many people fail to understand why I’m in a long distance relationship and ‘wasting’ my glory years — my 20s — with a guy who I barely see.
They can’t seem to understand a relationship based on verbal communication rather than purely physical. They doubt the future of our relationship and our ability to stay faithful to one another.
Yes, I’ll admit, it’s really hard to date somebody almost exclusively over Skype (although very interesting with poor WiFi connection). However, in a long distance relationship you learn to appreciate the time you get to speak to each other. Our schedules never ever match. He’s asleep while I’m getting up and when I’m busy he’s free and vice versa – it gets extremely frustrating. But when you are able to spend once a week or so Skyping with them it makes it all worth it and I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things and a quick, simple conversation goes a long way. Even being sent a Snapchat or a spontaneous WhatsApp message gives me butterflies. (It’s a sad life I know)

You have time to advance in your chosen career or experience something new

They say your 20’s are the time to explore and I couldn't agree more. The time apart has allowed me to try new things whether it will be a new hobby or career path. It gives a chance to cram your diary full of opportunities and make something of yourself and start fresh.
We need this time to make mistakes, We need to learn what we like in a job and what we don’t. We need to learn what school didn’t teach us. Most importantly, we need the time to invest in all of this.
While my boyfriend is away studying and working long hours for a highly established business, I’m designing away and experimenting with my skills (while studying hard of course!)
I get the time to do things I never normally had time for. As a design student I can make time to go to workshops, design lectures, exhibitions/events.

We have learnt that being apart has given us more time to explore and focus on our individual skills.

An excuse to travel

The cuts in budgets, the diets of rice and pasta and the overtime at work does eventually pay off.

I've learnt to look at it from a positive perspective. I've had the amazing opportunity to visit Singapore (3 times!), we have both traveled South East Asia and he is coming to Australia. What a breeze!

I’m not going to conclude with ‘Distance makes the heart grow founder’ because quite frankly i’ve heard it way too many times.

What I will say, is that being in a long distance relationship has taught me more about myself than I have ever known.
Not everyone is built for a long distance relationship and I, for sure, am definitely still not. However, I have learnt to change how I react to the situation. Learning how to make the distance work has been invaluable.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Brit Lost in Melbourne: 20 things you'll learn from studying abroad down under

As some of you know I have moved away to Australia on study abroad for 6 months! Here are some of the things I've learnt on the way..

1.     Goon is your best friend
Even though it taste like chemicals it is the cheapest thing under $60 

2.     Swearing  is Australia’s first language

3. You will get laughed at for your strange accent
-          And most people won't be able to understand you

4 .P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney DOES NOT EXIST.

5. It becomes a part of your daily routine to check toilets/floors/EVERYTHING just in case you get attacked by giant insects.

6. Don’t mention Steve Irwin. Just don’t.

7. Koalas aren’t cute anymore. They smell, they poop and have chlamydia. Yum.

8. Your phone will be full of selfies such as these...


9. Australia is EXPENSIVE
 $15 for a burger??

10. It's pretty hard to concentrate when your views look a little something like this:

11. These cute little things are your worst enemy when trying to have a lie in

12. But just because you’re in Australia doesn't mean it’s all fun and sunshine..

13. Kangaroo is the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat

R.I.P :'(

14. Everything is abbreviated and can get a little confusing at times

15. Woolworths is not the same as the old UK one. No £2 pick n mix cups  :’(

16. You cant eat Ben and Jerrys unless you want to become a stripper on the side to afford living..

I’ll stick to Tim Tams

17. Vegemite will never ever be as good as Marmite

18. Everybody is obsessed with sports and if you have not followed Australian sports before you will get laughed at

19. Netflix has JUST come to this side of the world. FINALLY.

20. You will never want to leave

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

VAMFF - Premium Runway 4

VAMFF Premium Runway 4 – Wrap Up - MELBOURNE GIRL

- VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) ran across the week from the 14th - 22nd March 2015.  I will be sharing my favorite shows, runways and collections with you all, starting with Runway 4.  -

Fashion Festival finally arrived in Melbourne! Sadly I was unable to attend the festival due to an overwhelming amount of coursework boooo :( but I still kept up to date with what was going on through Instagram,blogs and Twitter. As a Londoner, Fashion Week is yearly event so when I found out about the VAMFF I couldn't of been more thrilled!Runway 4 was the second VAMFF show of the Tuesday Evening. Premium Runway 4, presented by SHOP Til You Drop, featured key autumn winter looks from designers Akin by Ginger & Smart, Alice McCall, Keepsake, Shakuhachi and White Suede.The models wore a splash of colour to on runway with gorgeous red lips, whilst focusing on the fashion, stand out pieces for me included the Shakuhachi sleeveless waist coat and White Suede plunge dress.Some of my favourite pieces from the designers collections:


I loved all their collection however this white taut midi skirt with matching embellished bralet definitely stood out amongst the others. 

alice mccall
Alice McCall
Black, elegant and simple. 

Akin by Ginger and Smart
Akin by Ginger & Smart
This piece uses multi textures to add structure and depth to the collection. The use of wool and leather portray a grunge look while the juxtaposing textures created a look that can be worn day or night.

My ultimate favourite piece from all the collections is this short sleeved waistcoat!

Check out the whole Runway 4 here:

Georgia Mae x

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Brit lost in Melbourne

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I have posted on my blog and I have so many new ideas and stories to share with you all!

To see more pictures of my travels take a look on my personal instagram @georgiiasheehan

So, where have I been? A bit all over really, but to start things off I have moved from the UK to Melbourne to study for 6 months, (craaaaaazy stuff) which was a totally spontaneous decision of mine but the spontaneity paid off. I have been over in Australia for just over a month now and loving every minute. Apart from the weather – incase you didn’t already know, Australia’s winter is UK’s summer! Meaning I had 2 weeks of lush sun and tanning on the beach and now, well, its fecking chilly at night! But hey I can’t complain.
Melbourne is a fab city where everything and everyone is constantly glowing. I have absolutely fallen in love. So I have put together a short list of everything I love about Melbourne so far! Since I’ve been here only a month there is so much more to see, so shall be posting about the top things to do in Melbourne soon.

1.       It is the most liveable city in the world (According to studies).
2.       We have our own dance move.
‘The Melbourne Shuffle’ – seriously cool
3.       Alleyways are nice, friendly areas to hang out.
In England these are often places one goes to down cheap beer or wine but here in Melbourne the alleyways are full of amazing graffiti art and independent boutiques and coffee shops. Google Hoiser lane!
4.       The ozzies abbreviate EVERYTHING.
Thongs are flipflops..apparently.
5.       Free trams.
6.       They have ‘Schooners’.
Like a 3 quarter pint of beer for those who are feeling a light drink but a bit more than a half a pint.
7.       Restaurants that have a pay what you feel policy.
8.       Australian’s are so friendly, sometimes a bit too much!
9.       Free yoga and running at Fed Square.
10.   You can get the other side of the city for $1.88 (students only of course).
11.   Some clubs are open for 2 days.
You can go into a nightclub on Friday night and come out Sunday morning. They even have sleeping rooms!

I could go on forever with this list and I’m pretty sure I have a lot more to add that I haven’t discovered yet! Basically in a nutshell Melbourne is great and everybody should move here..